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Hello! I am Iryna Bukur, the author
of Ukrainian cosmetics Irene Bukur.
My ambition is to show the world
that "Made in Ukraine" is a sign of
excellence and high quality!
Any purchase of IRENE BUKUR cosmetics
is your direct support to those who need it the most now.
Find out more about our kind deeds we do with your help
Losing hair is not the norm!
Change your method -
try a step-by-step program
to stimulate hair growth.
Does your hair look damaged and dull?
Worried about dryness and fragility?
Such symptoms should not be ignored.
Your hair’s strength and shine can be restored!
Provide your hair with the care it deserves.
Skincare at 20 is an investment in the future.
This program is designed to emphasize
the radiance of your youth and lay
a solid foundation for years to come.
At 25, the skin still produces its own
collagen and elastin.
Here, the use of cosmetics encourages your skin to take action.
The emphasis is on deep cleansing and moisturizing.
You grew up, and so did your skincare.
Now, self-care becomes more precise
and professional.
Choose the cosmetics that will emphasize
your youth and provide your skin with the
correct nutrients to enhance your potential
Age is just a number. What matters now,
is what you choose to broadcast to the world.
We have developed a skincare program
that emphasizes the elegance of your features.
Our professional care at the cellular level is
directed towards filling in facial wrinkles,
adding elasticity and radiance to the skin.